Under the Influence

Painting was considered a trade that could be taught, the earliest known artist apprentice began mixing pigments and preparing canvases learning the skills and techniques of an older master. Then when certain skills had been acquired the novice would paint copies of their teachers work. This is now common practice as elements of contemporary work demonstrate the influence of old painting masters as artists continue to be inspired by the painters before them. Whether it be style, composition or technique contemporary creatives continue to tribute work the old masters.

Curated by Sarah Newton

About the Curator

Sarah Newton

Sarah Newton is an artist and curator based in Melbourne. Born in Perth, she completed a Bachelor of Arts from Edith Cowan University. In her undergraduate studies, Sarah focused on and developed her practice as a painter and printmaker. . In 2017 she moved to Victoria to complete her Masters' studies in Arts Management from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, she graduated with distinction in 2019. Sarah is an active member of the arts community in Melbourne, frequently visiting exhibitions and was a guest judge for Mission to Seafarers annual Art Prize in 2018.

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