10 Years of Bluethumb: Artists Supporting Artists

Knowing the art that inspires other artists is an insight into some of the most influential pieces to be found within the Australian art scene. What motivates the country’s creatives? What treasures can be found in their studios and homes? Bluethumb artists across all styles often share the joy they get from supporting artists on their socials; we’re bringing that joy to you this week.

Ben Tankard: Inspiring Collectors, Supporting Artists

After looking for a piece by the mysterious O. HIISI, the red roses were the first to find their way into Ben’s collection – swiftly followed by the Mudra MDRA KL in the kitchen!

Although he is now one of Bluethumb’s most successful pop artists, Ben Tankard‘s first works were placed within the realms of landscape and surrealism. The divergent style of Ben’s portfolio indicates a myriad of pieces that contrast to one another. Sure enough, his collection doesn’t disappoint!

The avid collector Ben Tankard hosts a number of Bluethumb artists on his walls! Here we see work by Linda Schneider, Maz Dixon, Katie Wyatt and Sally Browne among others.

Lisa Fahey: ‘Weird is Good’

Lisa Fahey is recognised predominantly for her bold and vibrant bird portraits. Her work is as reflective as her brilliant personality, so it comes as little surprise that her living room would exude such warmth as well! In a recent Instagram post, Lisa gave a shout out to several of her fellow Bluethumb artists while showing off her living room makeover. See work by Corinne Young, Susan Trudinger, Debra Sutton, Emma Wreyford, Ben Tankard, Sara Bell, Amanda Skye Mulder, Belinda Nadwie, Adam Bogusz and Robyn Gray!

Marnie McKnight: Supporting Artists in her Sutherland Shire Digs

Not only is Marnie McKnight one of Bluethumb’s most popular artists over the last ten years; she also has a killer collection of art herself!

Back to the beginning of the pandemic, we took the tour around bestselling artist Marnie McKnight‘s home. Amid her own gorgeous work was a variety of artworks by other Bluethumb artists, many of which have come from art swaps. Marnie now owns work by fellow Sydney-based artists Sally Browne and Maggi McDonald, and Adelaide’s Katie Wyatt through swaps with the artists. Marnie’s collection is diverse in subject matter and style, but there’s a strong tendency to be drawn to female Australian artists. “I love to hang these in my daughters’ rooms for them to be inspired by strong, creative women,” Marnie previously told us.

Within Marnie’s salon style hang, we see work by Sally Browne (top left), Katie Wyatt (bottom left) and on the adjacent wall, Maggi McDonald.

Kate Rogers: Eclectic Collecting

Kate Rogers and son sitting in front of gallery hang of landscape paintings

Kate Rogers and 3 year old Angus cosying up in front of a gallery wall of landscape art, with works by Geoff Lugg and Greybeard.

We very recently caught up with Bluethumb bestselling figurative artist Kate Rogers in her Geelong-based home. Kate has been putting her artistic earnings to collecting art since she joined Bluethumb in 2020, and supporting other artists along the path of success as an artist. Her art collection has enviably amplified to cover almost all of the walls in her house, and features all styles of art; from figurative pieces, to Indigenous works and Australia’s vast landscapes.

Hallway and staircase with multiple small artworks hung gallery style

Stepping up the stairs, you’ll find pieces by Dianne Whipper, Jessie Wheldon, Fangmin Wu and Adam Mulcahy.

Take the tour of Kate Rogers’s colourful collection on the blog by clicking here.

Robyn Gray: Keepsake of a Creative Path

Robyn’s purchase, Pleasant Afternoon by Robert Hagan

Toowoomba-based artist Robyn Gray works in a modern or romantic impressionist style. Her subject matter often focuses on local scenes, depicted in vibrant colours and in Impressionistic brushstrokes that hint at the essence of a fleeting moment. It makes perfect sense, then, that the artist who inspired Robyn to join Bluethumb was Collectable Australiana artist Robert Hagan. “I have followed him for years, watched his tutorials, practiced using my new knowledge gained from Robert, then joined Bluethumb and started selling mine,” Robyn tells us. “Then [I] discovered his work was on Bluethumb and bought one of his paintings with my earnings.”

Sally Browne: The Art Collection of a Homebody

Eclectic living room with guitars, animal rug, plant and multiple artworks

The kitchen, lounge and dining areas feature artworks by local Street artist Daniel O’Toole (AKA Ears) and Bluethumb artist Stephen Homewood, amongst some of Sally’s own work.

“Contemporary, pop, abstract, cubism, minimalism, impressionist – all styles are welcome at my place,” Sally Browne told us in a previous home tour of her art collection. A bestselling artist with highly sought after original artworks herself, we were super curious to see the artworks that move Sally enough to bring the piece to her own home. There’s art of all sizes, subject matter and style within Sally’s abode.

The mustard hues of this stunning little seascape by Katie Wyatt make a merry palette with Sally’s choice of door colour!

“It is an act of both love and defiance,” explains Sally. “To the artist because you’re basically saying ‘I see you, I love what you’ve created and I validate and support your life choice’. Love to yourself because you’re acknowledging and prioritising your own need for beauty and happiness in your life, and defiance against that nasty whiny inner voice who’d rather you paid the car insurance or save your money for a rainy day instead.”

Head over to our blog where on a tour of her home, you’ll find pieces by Marnie McKnight, George Hall, James Needham, Ben Tankard, Stuart Cole, Stephen Homewood, Katie Wyatt and so many more incredible artists.

gallery wall display with bird sculpture

Sally’s mini-gallery in the intersection of her hallway and lounge includes a nude oil painting by James Needham.

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